Is it OK to kiss the pastor at church?

Oh, the strange problems we Pastor’s Husbands have to deal with. At our church, I help my wife when she does communion. She stands up front holding the tray of tiny plastic cups, and I hold the tray of bread. The congregation lines up, take the elements, and walk back. Once everyone’s been served, I go […]

Pastor’s Husband & People who “don’t get it”

One of my ideas for this blog is to relate some of the interesting & unusual parts of being a pastor’s husband. Probably the most interesting and frustrating aspects are the people who “don’t get it”- people who won’t believe that she’s the pastor, not me. Let me start by saying that these people are […]

Danger! Moon Dust!

Lunar soil smells like gunpowder. No, really. And it’s lethal. When the Apollo missions first landed on the moon, the astronauts were concerned with the, then unknown, depth of the lunar soil. When they arrived, they found the soil to be a safe & comfortable quarter inch layer of very fine powder. What they didn’t […]

What’s it like being a Pastor’s Husband?

That’s a question I get from time to time, and one I always have a hard time answering. I can describe what it’s not like a whole lot easier. The stereotype of the Pastor’s Wife is easy. Play the piano Sunday morning. Teach Sunday School. Host women’s Bible studies and luncheons. Be an ideal house […]

Hello world!

So I’ve been inspired to start blogging again.  I had run a blog for a while, but ran into a technical issues with spammers filling the site with ads and eventually corrupting the site.  I gave up for a few years, thinking that the content was lost. A friend of my wife was asking about […]

Namco Assault links

Back in college, there was a small game room with 2 arcade games.  One of them was a tank game called “Assault”.  I would invest a single quarter every night for a year playing that game.  Many years later, I was able to purchase a few arcades of my own, including an Assault. Here’s some […]