Is it OK to kiss the pastor at church?

Oh, the strange problems we Pastor’s Husbands have to deal with. At our church, I help my wife when she does communion. She stands up front holding the tray of tiny plastic cups, and I hold the tray of bread. The congregation lines up, take the elements, and walk back. Once everyone’s been served, I go […]

Pastor’s Husband & People who “don’t get it”

One of my ideas for this blog is to relate some of the interesting & unusual parts of being a pastor’s husband. Probably the most interesting and frustrating aspects are the people who “don’t get it”- people who won’t believe that she’s the pastor, not me. Let me start by saying that these people are […]

What’s it like being a Pastor’s Husband?

That’s a question I get from time to time, and one I always have a hard time answering. I can describe what it’s not like a whole lot easier. The stereotype of the Pastor’s Wife is easy. Play the piano Sunday morning. Teach Sunday School. Host women’s Bible studies and luncheons. Be an ideal house […]