Namco Assault links

AssaultCabinetBack in college, there was a small game room with 2 arcade games.  One of them was a tank game called “Assault”.  I would invest a single quarter every night for a year playing that game.  Many years later, I was able to purchase a few arcades of my own, including an Assault.

Here’s some interesting links related to the game:

Guiness Book of World Records (via Twin Galaxies) score for Assault.
As of May 2015, I hold the World Record for the highest score.

The Assault Homeworld – a web site I created, and turned over to others to maintain. Lots of detailed info about the game.

Wikipedia page on Assault

KLOV technical page on Assault, with owners manual, schematics, and flyers

-High-Res level maps. Click for larger versions.  I’ve lost track of where I got these from- a guy in Germany had decoded the game ROMS and extracted the level maps.

Level-01 Level-02 Level-03-04-05-10 Level-06-07-08-09-11